I’m Helen.  I’m an art student.  This blog is a way to record my UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design that I am studying at Weston College.   I’m actually pretty rubbish at keeping journals and I’m not great with technology, you can ask my long suffering husband how that goes!   I’m not very good at promoting myself or my art…   mmmm lots of negatives here, lets see if I can rectify that.  I am passionate about horses, my art, dogs, my son (maybe he should’ve come first?), photography, I love music and being outside in nature.

Walking, riding, or just being outside with the horses and the sense of peace and self they give me are the best parts of my day and hiding in my studio (I nabbed the summerhouse as my creative space during lockdown), are the best ways to unwind from everything.   In these moments, I can forget I’m a daughter, mother, wife and just be me.

The past 18 months have seen big changes in how many of us work, go to school, interact with others etc, for me it gave me time to reflect on what I wanted to do with my life and going back to College has been a big change.  I’m looking forward to exploring and developing my creative style over the next year as part of the course and sharing it here.


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