9 Squares 9 Days

A short exercise over Christmas break was to fill a square of 8 images and 1 paragraph. It could be a random casual diary, or have a theme.

I chose eyes, because I feel that they truly are the window to the soul. They are a reflection of what is going on at the moment in time capturing that emotion can be very hard to do in a drawing.

I didn’t have time to fully complete the drawings. Using my own reference photos of the animals in my life, I sketched out 8 line drawings.

The horse eyes:

The cats,

The dogs,

And lastly the rabbit.

The final square was to be filled with the kind of art I wish to create, I shall keep coming back to this and checking in. Am I staying true to myself? Is there anything else I need to add as my creative confidence grows? Does anything need to be removed? Do I want to refine anything?

I have challenged myself to complete the eyes using different mediums, I have 8 brilliant line drawings now to trace/scan/project and create as I feel. And by putting it in this blog I am holding myself accountable to finish the challenge.

More importantly though, the paragraph is there for me to keep checking in, listen to that inner voice. It’s going to be interesting to maybe do the paragraph again in a year’s time and see what if anything has changed.

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