9th & 10th November 2022

This is small project that ran across two modules Realisation and Creation and Production.

I missed the presentation on this due to being absent, I had to catch up on the second day and finish assembling my piece at home.

Quickly refreshing my knowledge on colour theory, the rule of thirds, the chaos theory and the golden ration. The first task which falls under the Realision Module, was to cut out 3D shapes and arrange them in several compositions, considering how they blend together and the various rules of composition. The different colours of the wood I used certainly helped with my final composition as I used the tones of the wood to help consider what a 3 or 4 colour complimentary palette would look like.

The second task was to paint the pieces of wood and then check the composition again, make any changes that would work with the application of colours if needed and then attach the pieces together in the final piece.

I moved the triangles around quite a lot, for me the piece looked more balanced with the red pieces on the blue square and the other pieces on the red square. I was originally going to put the green triangle in the middle. The benefits of phone cameras is that you can take a snapshot, look at it, change things around, take another photo, compare the two and it certainly helps with decision making in situations like this if undecided. After a few trials I decided that that the yellow triangle in the intersection of the two squares was definitely a better balance and composition.

This was a fun little exercise to do, certainly refreshed my memory on things to be considered when creating pieces of work, whether I wish to follow the rules or not.

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