Material, Surface & Form

6th October 2022

Due to illness I missed this session at University and caught up in my own time.

We used our 3D from from the Shape, Form and Balance sessions to inspire a ceramic form. The idea was to adapt the design taking into consideration the difference in materials being used, and how they can be manipulated into shapes.

The process used was rolling out a slab of clay to a size I was happy with, then using a magazine to create stencils I lay them on the clay. I then painted white slip over the clay being careful not to ruck and fold the edges of the paper stencils to prevent the slip seeping underneath.

This layer of slip was then dried with a hot air blower, I knew it was dry because the top of the slip was no longer shiny or tacky to the touch. I then added another layer of paper stencils and covered this layer in black slip. I then repeated the process of drying the slip. Once it was all dry I then removed the paper stencils.

I then cut the clay into two and attached one piece to the edge of the other. This took a little while to decide how I wanted it to look and the best edge to connect it too. I then very carefully attached a thin rolled piece of clay to the join to smooth it out and make it a little more structurally sound.

The piece was then ready to be bisque fired and the next session will be glazing when it is ready.

I really enjoy working with clay, I think the elements I really wanted to try and get across from my original form were the shape of horses muzzle and nostrils, and the wavy tendrils to represent the mane. What I am learning from this process is to let go of what I think it should look like, and go more with the feel of what the materials I am using want to be and are happy to be moulded into.

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