The Visual Verb

21 September 2022

We looked at the work of Richard Serra and his idea of creating artwork from verbs. TO DRAW is a verb.

As a group we had a class exercise to find examples of the twelve verbs we had chosen from Richard Serra’s list of verbs and photograph them. The limitation on the task was that they needed to be from somewhere in the college building and grounds. My choices are below:

To Twist

To Simplify

To Splash

To Suspend

To Gather

To Surround

To Weave

To Match

To Light

Of Nature

Of Reflection

Of Symmetry

As an exercise it was quite interesting as even though we were to work individually, as a class we used similar images, if not the same for some of the verbs. Our lecturer asked us to upload them all so that she could display them as a postcard wall.

The next task was to create an art response to one of the verbs, the stipulation was that it had to be 4″x6″ postcard size. I did one response but wasn’t too sure about it, so on the reverse did another response. I used felt tip pens to create the image, can you guess which verb I chose?

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