Negotiated Project: Week 2

3 November 2022

This week was all about how the project will run. At the end we need to have a final product. I’ve put some thought into this since the research trip to Bristol and have decided that my project needs to reflect how I enjoy creating pieces of art. Over the past year I have found myself using more found objects and repurposing materials to make my own canvases. My project is all about taking this a step further and creating my own paints using natural pigments where I can and even consider making my own paper.

I need to consider how far do I really want to go in controlling the materials I use? I definitely need to understand more about the history of where pigments come from and how to source my own from the world around me and what kind of paint method would be best to use, and what suits my style? So many questions. I realise that as a busy mum I have so many avenues I could follow in my explorations that the hardest part will be keeping it small to start with. I don’t have to find the answers to everything all at once.

How do I create? What do I enjoy doing?

  • Photography
  • Screen printing
  • Lino Printing
  • Use reclaimed materials for 2D and 3D pieces
  • Ceramics and clay modelling

What’s important to me? That’s easy to answer with my love of horses it’s nature and my surrounding landscape. This is why I want to look at more natural ways of creating pigments and paint, that cut out as many chemicals as possible. How can I be sustainable in my practices? Do I have the time to do things as I would like? And if not, are there other ways of sourcing sustainable materials?

I wish to get across the essence of the landscape or animal I am painting.

I want my work to tell a story.

I would love it if my work draws the observer in.

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