Negotiated Project: Week 10

26th January 2023

Those of you that have stuck with me on this journey, will realise I’ve not done much with Recycled materials. Fear not! When researching the Art Povera movement and ecological artists. I came across Vivan Sundaram and his works with used engine oil and charcoal.

I have access to lots of used engine oil. I felt the canvas should be mix of wood and recycled paper. So I found a piece of hardboard and paired that with 640gsm Khadi Indian Rcycled Cotton Paper.

I took over a dirty workbench in the man cave that I call a garage. Found a rag and using the pour and wipe technique, covered the board and paper in oil.

I love how it reacted with the different materials and the monotone colours that could be achieved. I then mixed up some Zinc White pigment powder and Linseed oil. I had an monotone image of a peregrine falcon that I had created in an Adobe Ilkustrator session. Using it as a guide I applied the Zinc White paint using a pallette knife and blended it into the oil.

I absolutely loved creating this piece, it was smelly and messy, it flowed. I was lost in the process and it really felt like I was getting what I wanted across.

I wanted the subject to be nature because the medium represents the industrial world we live in and the damage we have done to our world for the sake of progress.

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