Review of Negotiated Project

23rd February 2023

Due to the Portfolio module following on directly from our Negotiated Project, we had to write a review of our work.

My aim was to investigate being a sustainable artist using natural resources and reusing found, or waste materials. I wanted to move away from using mass produced artist materials and see how easy it is to create a piece of art using more sustainable products and methods.

I found some of the processes to be quite therapeutic, however it was very easy to etc myself get bogged down in how broad this subject matter was and a little lost in which direction I wanted to follow. Looking at how to make my own paints from natural pigments was the first hurdle. I really enjoyed this thought process yet quickly realised that the colour palette is very limited and some colours although available in nature and geology aren’t necessarily light fast or easy to source.

I was disappointed that I didn’t take more time in learning some of the techniques with the different paints egg, egg tempra, that would have made my paintings look less naive and have more pop with proper blending of colours and creation for tones and shadows.

However I was very I suited by final piece and will be investigating how to use waste engine oil and introducing colour and texture going forward.

I actually need to have more confidence in my own abilities and trust in the fluid processes a little more. I work a lot better once I do and my paintings sem to just flow from my own imagination and the heart when I do this.

I am determined to be a more sustainable artist ad make my own paints and find materials to work on and with. However, it isn’t going to happen overnight and in this first year I will buy in some of the pigments, and paper from sustainable and ethical sources. Make what I can and recycle what I can.

I think it’s very hard to change the way of working and practices immediately. It takes time to learn, understand, perfect and you also need to be able to experiment and have a lot of throw aways in order to learn. I struggle with allowing myself to experiment and be free. I struggle to make the time.

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