Think Big

This was a collaboration project in a group of four. We had to work on it one day a week for 5 weeks. The brief was to create a 3D interactive life size piece of work which communicated a message regarding Social Responsibility, Environmental awareness or ethics and sustainability.

Our group had the theme “Boris Needs to Reduce Reuse and Recycle”.

As this project was set, we had other projects ongoing, portfolios to sort, interviews as well as normal life to fit it all around. I’m honest, I could have done without it. I didn’t really buy into the concept, but as I’ve learnt in my finance career everything always happens when you’re extremely busy and you may not like or see the point of the special project your manager has asked you to do.

We did come up with a design and a few ideas but changed one because we felt that the initial reduce idea was complicating the message.

  • REDUCE – a party for one sign, with a bottle of wine and a small wine glass
  • REUSE – used masks on a wall, we painted them with green splodges to represent the Covid-19 virus and a sign that said Freshly Washed PPE
  • RECYCLE – earrings made fron lateral flow tests, 100% Covid Guarantee no False +tives sign

However, we don’t have any final images to use as unfortunately they got wiped from our tutors computer, as unless saved to cloud College IT department clear files saved to laptops and PCs overnight.

We had a deadline of Monday 28 February to present the final image of our 2D poster. Unfortunately it’s been half term so no access to go in reshoot it etc. Which, if this had happened in industry and we had a clients brief target deadline to hit we would have had to do.

I have thought about whether to submit a post or not, and decided that actually what I did and the role I played in creating signs from ironing plastic carrier bags together, taking the photos (even though I’m rubbish at studio set ups) etc are all still worth nothing down.

Could I have done more? Probably, I could have taken the data card with the images and downloaded/photoshopped etc but I didn’t. Maybe we all could have been a little more invested in ensuring we had a decent final outcome. After all we’re going to be assessed on our approach to this task. And again, if we were out in the big wide world of advertising and marketing would our client have been happy with the outcome? Would they have bought into the message?

We will unfortunately never know, but I like to think that in a different life we would have pulled it off.

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