To start our Final Major Project work, we had a small exhibition to prepare pieces of work for The Island in Bristol. The brief was the the pieces had to be no bigger than 1ft high, 1ft wide or 1ft deep.

Left over from the Found Object I had a broken record, a circle of kitchen cupboard and a gel mould of the broken record. I decided to do two pieces.

My Final Major Project is entitled Being and part of the research and elements relate to how I see my emotions in colour when I meditate or am asked to picture myself in a forest or by the ocean. Depending on how I feel my vision comes to me in those colours ie, blue trees, pink waves etc.

I made a plaster sculpture 1ft high and 1ft in diameter from the gel mould. The hardest part was making a circular support that left the area where a piece had broken of free of plaster. In hindsight a cheese mould may have been a good option as the plastic I used to make the tube was a little flimsy. I also used polystyrene in the centre to fill it out a little so that it wouldn’t be so heavy.

My other piece was using the broken record and and circle of wood. I drew a pattern on the wood and used plaster to round it off ans make it slightly larger to fit the 1ft diameter. The bits of record reminded me of a bird when I looked at the together. The idea came to me to suspend the bird over the disc of wood.

Vynil Alive
Disc Emotion

The week of the exhibition I unfortunately had Covid-19 and was too poorly to attend. However I was sent images of my work insitu and I was really pleased with how they looked in the exhibition space.

With Disc Emotion I wanted to convey how I felt at a time when my emotions are in turmoil, and how I try to rise above them and keep following my dreams.

Vanilla Alive represents the fact that we can be ordinary and feel broken, but deep down there is a vibrancy that cannot be hidden and deserves to break out and be seen and heard.

I really enjoyed this element of the project as it was a quick turn around, no time to overthink it.

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