Vinyl Alive Represented

Just when you think you are done, you have to come up with an idea or ideas to represent the alleatory work.

I decided to take some photos of my Vinyl Alive sculpture and have a play in photoshop. I blended and overlayed the three photos together. I absolutely loved the colours of the finished image.

Vinyl Alive Represent

However, to fit the brief I had to do something more…

The colours very much made me think of the outdoors. Using a dictaphone, I recorded the sounds I hear in the field when I do the horses in the evening. I used a laptop amd projector, with the sound file and projected the image onto the wall and a plinth. It’s quite enlightening how with a few simple tweaks and you can have an entire exhibition built around one sculpture.

However, I still wanted to challenge myself. Could I recreate the image on canvas? I actually found this really challenging. There were parts of the process where I just felt it was really messy and I couldn’t see past the blocking, layering and blending. Eventually I got there. I’m so pleased with the final result as I learnt to just accept and go with the process even when I thought it was a mess, and never going to get there. I lived the final result, is it an exact copy? No. But I think I’ve come to accept that I’m not that kind of artist, my style is not photo realism. And, I’m really OK with that.

Vinyl Alive

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