Synaesthesia Music in Art Challenge

Part of my research for my final major project was about music and how it makes you feel. Throughout my life I’ve loved music, put a lot of meaning to lyrics and often can be found dancing in the kitchen or around the living room. I love just shaking out those feelings.

So I did a little experiment with 8 songs from different genres of music, I wanted to paint what I felt. I chose 4 of the genres, the rest and 5 of the songs were chosen by fellow students on the course.

I chose the colours by listening to the song first and then depending on how I felt, I painted using my fingers, brushes and palette knife. I think I played each song on repeat about 4 times before I was happy that I’d got my feelings on the surface. I used squares cut from wooden pallets to paint on.

Can you match the images to the songs below?

1. Country: The Truth by Jason Aldean
2. Drum and Bass: Original Sinner by Sky FX
3. Ambient: King Bromliead by Floating Points
4. Rock: Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
5. Jazz: Feeling Good by Nina Simone
6. Soul: Piece of my Heart by Erma Franklin.
7. House: I Feel Love by Donna Summer
8. Classical: Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone

I asked friends, family and people at college to guess. The best was 4/8

It was quite interesting as everyone said it was really hard to out themselves in my place and look at the images from my perspective. They found themselves reverting to their own preconceptions and what they felt.

It was a really fun, quick little exercise to do and I will apply the concept of painting as I feel whilst listening to anthems of my life when doing the final piece.

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