17 November 2022

My ceramic 3D piece wasn’t bisque fired in time for this workshop. The pot I used was one that had been created by someone and left, so for the purposes of this exercise I was able to glaze it.

There were some really lovely textures on this pot and one side had iron oxide on it and I felt this needed to be brought out and complimented. I used 3 different green glazes, one of which was green wood ash.

Green Glazes Used and Transparent White
Used different techniques pouring, brushing, wipe on/wipe off

I enjoyed experimenting with the different techniques for applying the glaze. I poured the shiny glaze on the inside and the brushed or sponged on and wiped off the sides with the other glazes.

The texture in the clay played a part in my decision of how to apply the glaze as I wanted to highlight them and bring them out as it would be easy to flatten them by applying too thickly.

I was very happy with final result even though it wasn’t my pot originally. I hope I’ve done the creator proud.

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