Negotiated Project: Week 4

24th November 2022

Today’s session was about our formative assessment. We have to do a presentation on where we have got to, with our projects at the end of term.

The brief is 5 mins 10 slides maximum. What media am I drawn to? Why? How does this help articulate ideas? Include discarded experiments as well.

I’m not concerned about the presenting ideas in front of others. I get more nervous about being questioned on my influences and movements that inspire me.

I am still that art student who struggles to remember names, etc, etc, unless it is written in front of me. An out of the blue question is likely to make me panic that I sound like a philistine!

Besides all that, I’ve been given the name of a local artist Susannah Crook, who uses locally sourced natural pigments. I’ve emailed her and am waiting for a reply. Hopefully, I can attend a workshop with her.

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